Worth Dying For CoverForever Is a Long, Long Time—Sara Brady, intent on reupholstering her newly acquired antique sofa, finds a bundle of letters and a journal hidden in the cushions. They were written by Seona Blair in Scotland during the 1800s. How did Seona’s journal and letters end up more than 4,000 miles away, nearly 150 years later? Sara soon learns the author’s life parallels her own, including lost love. Sara’s love, Jamie, “set her free” twenty years ago—disappearing forever. Believing Seona’s personal papers came to her for a reason, Sara decides that “forever” is just too long. She is determined to find Jamie!


Worth Dying For CoverWorth Dying For – Hannah Rosse is a former CIA agent who has been retired for nearly 30 years. She enjoys living anonymously in a small Georgia town with good neighbors and friends. Now, the Agency calls her back for one last job, insisting she is “uniquely positioned” for it. She sneers at that and refuses, saying she’s too old. But when she learns that the mission involves betraying a close friend, she cannot refuse. She needs to prove he is innocent! Or is he? Hannah’s complicated life—from WWII to the present—unravels, and she must fight, once again, to survive.


Sweet JusticeSweet Justice – In 1946, Clem and Mary Ann Perkins discover “pretty stones” on their small Tennessee farm, unaware that the stones are natural rubies. Simon Laramore, who owns the general store, recognizes the raw gems immediately—but he doesn’t tell Clem and Mary Ann. Instead, he hatches a deadly scheme to acquire their farm so he can develop a ruby mine for himself. Decades later in Atlanta, Simon’s great-granddaughter, Chris, receives a letter that lay undiscovered for 35 years, exposing the shameful truth behind the Laramore fortune—her fortune. Chris returns to Tennessee, determined that the Perkins descendants shall have justice, finally.

Song of the Heart CoverThe Long Road Home – Someone is grasping at Rachel Wynn from beyond the grave. Each time she sees an ancient photograph of a certain Irish woman, her breath is sucked away and she begins coughing violently. She feels as if she’s being attacked. And she wants to know why. Armed with clues discovered in an old shoebox, Rachel travels to the wild and barren coast of Ireland in search of an answer that will put a stop to the curious assaults. As Rachel delves into the past, Mary Molloy of Ireland reaches to the future from the 1800s, hoping that a century-old heartache can be healed. The two women, each with a problem to solve, connect as they travel through time.

Song of the Heart CoverWhat would it be like to reconnect with a high school sweetheart after more than two decades?  Susan Evans, a musician poised on the edge of fame, travels to Wales and London in search of her first love, a young Welshman who disappeared twenty-one years ago.  Susan’s Song of the Heart is that she never stopped loving Rhys Llewellyn and has kept his picture in her locket, close to her heart.  But someone is stalking Susan–a man who once tried, and failed, to ruin her life.  He’s trying again, and this time he’s determined not to fail.  Can he destroy the happiness she has so long desired and now has within reach?

VanishedBen Cason was Missing In Action, presumed dead, in World War II.  Fifty years later his granddaughter, Kelly Cason Grant, finds letters Ben sent to his wife after he was declared MIA.  How could this be?  Kelly and her husband begin the search for truth.  They follow clues that lead them across Georgia, to people who knew Ben and Rose Cason in the 1940s, and to military records long buried.  Unexpectedly, they uncover a cache of shocking secrets and learn, finally, why Ben Cason Vanished.



It is inevitable that troubled lives, bound up in events of their time, will affect the future, even when the troubles have lain hidden for years. Chain of Deception follows a Florida woman across Ireland—from the war-scarred flats of Belfast to the old walled city of Londonderry—where truth explodes again and again, revealing family secrets buried since the burning of Burntollet Bridge and the Battle of Bogside in 1969. This book is about dreams and the courage it takes to follow them. It also is about loving, forgiving, growing and changing.



Discovery In Time concerns two women—Andrea Ferris in present-day Thomasville, Georgia, and Jenny Alcott in 1890s London and Thomasville. Andrea discovers Jenny’s diaries in the attic of her Victorian home, and Jenny’s life becomes the catalyst that enables Andrea to make peace with her own past. Their lives are similar. Each had, and lost, a child. Andrea’s baby died, but Jenny’s was taken from her. Throughout her life, Jenny tries without success to find her child. One hundred and ten years later, Andrea takes up the search.


In addition to her novels, Janet is the author of several nonfiction books, including:

Storytelling From The Bible. Forty-six fascinating tales featuring some of the Bible’s most colorful characters, many of which are among the lesser known: The Dethronement of Vashti, The Replacing of Judas Iscariot, and The Scapegoat, to name a few.

Absolutely Unforgettable Parties. Twenty-three creative parties with plans, checklists, food suggestions, recipes, and do-it-yourself invitations. Includes: A Shape Launching (Beginning of a Diet), Retire With Fire (End of Wage Slavery), and Come As You Were (Reincarnation Party). Reached #2 on “Small Press Top 10 Best Sellers” list.

The Clown Ministry Handbook. Describes the history and activities of clown ministry. Covers clown types, makeup, wardrobe, props, performance techniques, skits and scripts. The most comprehensive book on the subject. Winner of a “Book of the Year” award from GROUP Magazine.

Everything New and Who’s Who in Clown Ministry. A sequel to The Clown Ministry Handbook (above). Features inspirational chats with veteran clown ministers from around the world, plus 75 routines and skits.

Broadway Costumes on a Budget. One hundred Broadway musicals categorized into eight costume types. By applying this book’s crossover system, costumes from one show can be easily altered for any other show in the same category. Co-authored with Sue McAnally.

The Complete Banner Handbook. Creative guide to banner design and construction. Includes historical beginnings, flags, heraldry and tapestries, meaning and use of symbols from past to present, creation and construction; special fabrics/techniques, and selection of colors.

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