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If you’ve been reading my books, you know that four of them (The Long Road Home, Chain of Deception, Song of the Heart, and Discovery in Time) were influenced, if not inspired, by my travels to Ireland, Wales and England. Recently, I visited Scotland and Rome, including outlying villages near Rome. One of those villages was Castel Gandolfo, where the recently retired Pope now lives. Rome was interesting in many ways, especially the “mix” of ancient and modern architecture.

After my visit to the highlands of Scotland, I couldn’t stop thinking about the possibilities of a story taking place in that beautiful countryside. I was especially charmed by the Isle of Skye and the lovely little town of Oban on the west coast. My decision was to set the story in 1800s Scotland and present-day Atlanta, Georgia, with a connection between the two places and times. The connection turned out to be—love! And that was how Forever Is a Long, Long Time was born. I hope you like it!

What am I working on now? So far, it’s just a glimmer of an idea that will have something to do with vintage cars and Route 66. Where will it take me? Don’t know yet. Stay tuned!

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